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129th Editorial Board


Editor-in-Chief: Ikbal Ahluwalia

Ikbal is a senior at Rutgers Prep. He was the News Editor last year and looks forward to his role as the Editor-in-Chief and Layout Editor of The Argo this ye ar. Prior to joining The Argo, Ikbal was a Staff Writer and Student Life Editor at his previous school’s newspaper, The Spectrum. Ikbal loves to follow current events in the United States and in the global community. He also enjoys watching and writing about the tennis world tour for Banter Sports. During the spring, he plays tennis for Rutgers Prep’s Varsity Tennis team, where he is a Co-Captain and the #1 singles player. Ikbal looks forward to a fun, productive, and successful year of journalism! 

News EditorNikhil Lahiri

Nikhil Lahiri is a senior at Rutgers Prep and is this year’s editor of the News Section of The Argo. Nikhil began writing for The Argo during his freshman year. During his three years at The Argo, he has a deep interest in covering politics, along with sports, international news, and school events. Outside of The Argo, Nikhil serves as the School Council President, participates in several orchestras, plays on the tennis team, leads the school’s Business and Entrepreneurship and Global Education programs, and writes for the online sports blog Banter Sports. Additionally, he enjoys reading, music, sports, and coffee. He is excited to be back for another terrific year at The Argo.

Sports EditorNiyati Parikh

Niyati, or Niya, is a senior at Rutgers Prep. She has been a staff writer for The Argo since her freshman year. Niya is an avid member of our athletic community here at Rutgers Prep, playing on both the varsity girls soccer and softball teams and is a great fit for the Sports Editor position. Niya is also involved in Model Congress and Model United Nations, as well as many other clubs. In her free time, Niya likes to travel and spend time with her family, cook, take photos and read. She can’t wait for all the new and exciting upcoming editions of The Argo.

Feature EditorArthi Vaidyanathan

Arthi is a senior at Rutgers Prep and has been a staff writer for The Argo since freshman year. She is a member of the varsity soccer team, student council, and key club. Outside school, she loves to draw, spend time with children, and play Words with Friends. Through the feature section, Arthi is excited to highlight all the newsworthy events within our community and beyond!    

Co-Opinion EditorSimran Virdi

Simran is a junior at Rutgers Prep. She has been a staff writer for the Argo since her sophomore year and is an Opinions Editor for this year. Other than being an editor for The Argo, Simran loves to play tennis. She is also involved in STAR club and has helped plan the Diwali Show ever since her freshman year. She looks forward to writing for The Argo this year!

Co-Opinion EditorNima Majidi

Nima is a junior at Rutgers Prep. He has been a Staff Writer since his freshman year and was selected as an Opinions Editor for this coming year. Nima is very active in the RPS student government and loves serving on Class Council. He is also on the soccer and tennis team and looks forward to a great year for The Argo.

Arts and Entertainment Editor (Inside RPS): Divya Gowravaram

Divya is a senior at Rutgers Prep. She has been a Staff Writer for The Argo since freshman year and was recruited to be the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the 2017-2018 year. She looks forward to the exciting stories The Argo will bring to the RPS community this year.

Arts & Entertainment Editor (Outside RPS): Aaditi Ahlawat

Aaditi is a senior at Rutgers Prep. She has been a staff writer since her freshman year and has been the Arts and Entertainment editor outside since last year. Besides editing for The Argo, Aaditi plays for the Girls Tennis team and frequently participates in the drama productions. She also likes to dedicate her free-time to volunteering. Her junior year she completed 250 hours of community service and received the President’s Award due to her efforts. Aaditi is looking forward to the new opportunities The Argo will offer this upcoming year.

Food Editor:Lauren Nkwonta

Lauren is a senior at Rutgers Prep. She joined The Argo as a staff writer her junior year and wrote numerous articles, from opinions and information about RPS to food recipes. Other than being the Food Editor for The Argo, Lauren is a Blood Captain and Co-chair of the Spanish club. She is also a member of the English Club, Key Club, Model United Nations, and the Yearbook Committee. In her free time, she loves to draw, as well as listen to and play music. She is thrilled to be a part of this editorial board and can’t wait for the new opportunities The Argo will provide her. 

Techonology Editor: Andrea Wang

Andrea is a senior at Rutgers Prep.  She has been enjoying her time at Rutgers Prep and has especially liked reading The Argo. Since her freshman year, Andrea has participated in various RPS Drama Productions and has hosted the annual Chinese Festival. Andrea is a new member of The Argo, but she hopes that through her knowledge in technology, she will make every article more approachable to the community through The Argo website.

saraFaculty Advisor: Ms. Sara Nicolodi


Ms. Nicolodi has been the faculty advisor of The Argo for five fabulous years. She’s dabbled in all aspects of journalism, from hard news to design to broadcasting. She loves feature articles the most. When not advising for The Argo, Ms. Nicolodi is most likely found torturing 9th graders with poetry or staging readings of Hamlet with her juniors.



Special Thanks to Dr. Steven Loy

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129th Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Ikbal Ahluwalia '18
News Editor: Nikhil Lahiri '18
Sports Editor: Niyati Parikh '18
Feature Editor: Arthi Vaidyanathan '18
Co-Opinion Editor: Nima Maidi '19
Co-Opinion Editor: Simran Virdi '19
Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor: Divya Gowravaram '18
Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor: Aaditi Ahlawat '18
Food Editor: Lauren Nkwonta '18
Technology Editor: Andrea Wang '18
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Sara Nicolodi

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