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128th Editorial Board


Editor-in-ChiefSamantha Brand

Samantha is a senior at Rutgers Prep. She fell in love with journalism writing for The Argo  during her years as a freshman and sophomore. She became the Food Editor in her junior year and was recently inducted into the Quill and Scroll Society for her efforts in student journalism. In addition to being Editor-in-Chief this year, Samantha is a Blood Captain and is involved with the Key Club Senior Board. Outside of school, she loves to travel, read, and watch movies. Samantha looks forward to an exciting year full of amazing issues of the Argo and can’t wait to grow her passion writing. 

News Editor: Ikbal Ahluwalia

Ikbal is a junior at Rutgers Prep.He has been a Staff Writer since the beginning of sophomore year and is the News Editor for this coming year. Prior to joining The Argo, Ikbal was a Staff Writer and Student Life Editor at his previous school’s newspaper, The Spectrum. Ikbal loves to keep up to date with current events in the United States and in the global community. In addition to the newspaper, he enjoys being in the Business & Entrepreneurship club and competes for Prep’s Varsity Tennis team. Ikbal looks forward to a great year of fun and reporting!

Sports Editor: Niyati Parikh

Niyati, or Niya, is a junior at Rutgers Prep.  She has been a staff writer for The Argo since her freshman year.  Niya is an avid member of our athletic community here at Rutgers Prep, playing on both the varsity girls soccer and softball teams and is a great fit for the Sports Editor position.  Niya is also involved in Model Congress and Model United Nations, as well as many other clubs. In her free time, Niya likes to travel and spend time with her family, cook, take photos and read. She can’t wait for all the new and exciting upcoming editions of The Argo.   

Feature Editor: Grace Bancone

Grace is a senior and has been a contributing member of The Argo since her freshman year, writing and co-writing a variety of articles. This is Grace’s second year as a feature editor for the paper. Other than being an editor for The Argo, Grace plays soccer and softball. She is also a member of Prep’s Animal Club and often volunteers at the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter. She was recently inducted into the Quill and Scroll Society for her efforts in student journalism.  Grace is so excited to continue writing for The Argo. She looks forward to this coming year and all of the wonderful stories The Argo will have to offer.

Co-Opinion Editor: Nyla Robinson

Nyla is a senior at Rutgers Prep. This is her first year writing and editing for The Argo, but she is ready to tackle the challenge and expand her horizons in journalism. In addition to The Argo,  Nyla is also in the GO Club, Girls Learn International, and Photography Club. Last year, Nyla helped organize and run Prep’s Black History month banquet. Nyla also plays on Rutgers Prep’s basketball team.

Co-Opinion Editor: Rebecca Rowlands

Rebecca Rowlands is a senior at Rutgers Prep. This is her first year being an editor for The Argo. She has mainly based herself in math and science courses but has always loved diving into a good fiction book. Rebecca is excited to expand her interest in writing. She also likes to keep busy outside of the classroom; she has participated in Key Club, GO Club, and Girls Learn International. Rebecca started to play basketball at an early age and currently plays on the Rutgers Prep school team and an outside club team. Rebecca has recently committed to Case Western Reserve University to continue her athletic and academic career. She’s can’t wait to experience the opportunities The Argo will bring to Rutgers Prep this year.

Arts and Entertainment Editor (Inside RPS): Divya Gowravaram

Divya is a junior at Rutgers Prep. She has been a Staff Writer for The Argo since freshman year and was recruited to be the Arts and Entertainment Editor inside Rutgers Prep for her junior year. In addition to being an Arts and Entertainment Editor, Divya is a part of the Madrigals choral group and a player on the Varsity Girl’s Tennis team. She can’t wait for all the new, exciting opportunities The Argo will bring to the RPS community this school year. 

Arts & Entertainment Editor (Outside RPS)

: Aaditi Ahlawat

Aaditi is currently a junior at Rutgers Prep who has been part of The Argo as a staff- writer since her freshman year. She got the opportunity to be an Arts and Entertainment Editor this year and she is thrilled to be able to take on this responsibility as a leader. Aaditi is also part of the girl’s tennis team and has participated in the spring drama production last year and will continue doing so. 

Food Editor: Leah Soman

Leah is a senior at Rutgers Prep and is the editor for the Food section of The Argo. When she is not finding new topics to write about, Leah enjoys making music and film. Besides participating in The Argo, Leah is a tenacious entrepreneur -taking part in the school’s Business and Entrepreneurship club, – currently working on two startups, and plays tennis during the fall.

Techonology Editor: Andrea Wang

Andrea is a junior at Rutgers Prep.  She has been enjoying her time at Rutgers Prep and has especially liked reading The Argo. Since her freshman year, Andrea has participated in various RPS Drama Productions and has hosted the annual Chinese Festival. Andrea is a new member of The Argo, but she hopes that through her knowledge in technology, she will make every article more approachable to the community through The Argo website.
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Photo Editor: Jim Li

Bosheng(Jim) Li  is a junior at Rutgers Prep. Throughout his studies, he has developed a passion for photojournalism, making The Argo the perfect place for him to show his talents., He hopes The Argo will allow him to combine his profession/hobby and community duty. Jim is looking forward to providing the best shots on every event as long as he is the photo editor. 

saraFaculty Advisor: Ms. Sara Nicolodi


Ms. Nicolodi has been the faculty advisor of The Argo for three fabulous years. She’s dabbled in all aspects of journalism, from hard news to design to broadcasting. She loves feature articles the most. When not advising for The Argo, Ms. Nicolodi is most likely found torturing 9th graders with poetry or teaching journalism to super seniors.


Special Thanks to Dr. Steven Loy

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128th Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Samantha Brand '17
News Editor: Ikbal Ahluwalia '18
Sports Editor: Niyati Parikh '18
Feature Editor: Grace Bancone '17
Co-Opinion Editor: Nyla Robinson '17
Co-Opinion Editor: Rebecca Rowlands '17
Arts and Entertainment Editor (Inside RPS): Divya Gowravaram '18
Arts and Entertainment Editor (Outside RPS): Aaditi Ahlawat '18
Food Editor: Leah Soman '17
Technology Editor: Andrea Wang '18
Photo Editor: Jim Li '18
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Sara Nicolodi

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